Our Mission

To advance, expand, and protect the experience of property ownership.

To do this, we will leverage everything at our disposal to bring to market a truly reimagined, trusted, and transparent experience for buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals – from start to finish. We will achieve this by making the safety of our customer our primary focus.

Add Shareholder Value

As the nation’s largest title insurance company with long-time industry-leading margins, FNF® has a strong track record of creating real value for our shareholders.

As the leading provider of title insurance and settlement services to the real estate and mortgage industries, we are the most diversified competitor from a geographic, product, and revenue channel perspective. Our solid balance sheet has enabled payment of a cash dividend, repurchase of shares, strategic acquisitions, continued investment in core businesses, and future repayment of debt. We have #1 market share in the residential purchase, refinance, and commercial markets, as well as the #1 or #2 market position in 39 of the 50 United States.